Apr 28, 2017


More Wind, More Jobs

By: Kenneth Carter

The wind industry heads for new heights — and it will need a strong workforce to keep it soaring.


Condensing the Curriculum

By: Walter Christmas

Top five topics wind schools should be teaching future wind-turbine technicians.


Profile: Abaris Training Resources, Inc.

By: Kenneth Carter

Abaris Training takes its composite repair expertise it learned from the aerospace industry and channels it into teaching wind-power technicians.



 Chris Pattison | Assistant Director of Wind Education and Professor of Wind Energy at the National Wind Institute


Diagnosing Wear Faults

By: Tom Barraclough

High-throughput screening of wind-turbine gearbox samples using the LaserNet 230 and automatic sample processor (ASP).


Profile: NTC Wind Energy

By: Kenneth Carter

Family-owned NTC Wind Energy supplies quality bolt caps and much more while offering value to its customers in a fair, honest way.



Stuart Gillen
Senior Director of Customer Success and Partnerships | SparkCognition



Steven Elrod | General Manager | BS Rotor Technic USA, LLC


Improving Joint Integrity

By: Pete Fuller

Three-part approach helps to reduce costs and increase production and quality.


Profile: ITH Engineering

By: Kenneth Carter

ITH Bolting Technology is a tooling and hardware manufacturer that focuses on engineering and bolted joint design.



Philip W. Beck
Business Development Manager
Wind Measurement International


Cranes and Wind Power: A Critical Pairing

By: Kate Nation

From the day a turbine is erected, to the time it is ready to be taken down, cranes are necessary tools for building and maintaining wind farms.


Extreme Blade Transport

By: Mihir Patel

As wind-turbine blades get larger, the challenges of getting them to their final destination increase.


Offshore Wind Challenges

By: Karen Cassidy

Digitalization becomes crucial to supply-chain logistics for North American offshore industry.


Profile: Terex Cranes

By: Kenneth Carter

Through its commitment to innovation and quality, Terex and its Demag cranes have become a popular brand in wind-turbine construction.


Profile: GEV Wind Power

By: Kenneth Carter

Through robust safety protocols and innovative technology, GEV Wind Power strives to be the go-to company in turbine inspection and maintenance.



Academic Training, Associations, Avian Assessment, Certification/Testing, Consulting Services, Economic Development, Environmental Services, Financial Resources, Insurance...


Don’t Blame the Oil

By: Paul Baker

Transient events — not gearbox oil — are the leading cause of wind-turbine gearbox failure.


A Bolt of Knowledge

By: Shylesh Muralidharan

Weather-forecasting advances shed new light on lightning damage to wind turbines.


Profile: LM Wind Power

By: Kenneth Carter

What began as a vision has sparked LM Wind Power to implement a greener future while pushing the cutting edge of turbine-blade technology.



Edward Wagner
Chief Digital Officer
Sentient Science Corporation


Looking North for Solutions

By: Jean François Nolet

Canadian wind energy is integral to North American transition to a clean-energy economy.


Syncing Up the Data

By: Marianne Rodgers, Alexander Medd & Thomas Levy

Project aims to standardize wind-turbine information in Canada.



Walt Musial
Principal Engineer, Manager of Offshore Wind
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


Profile: C.C. Jensen

By: Justin Stover

Offline filters by C.C. Jensen keep the ‘life blood’ of wind turbines clean and pumping.


Optimizing Lubrication

A one-size-fits-all approach: A single special grease for all rolling bearings can help achieve maximum yield.


Cutting the Concrete

New foundation technology will lower use of concrete in wind-turbine towers by 75 percent.



David DiNunzio
Wind Application Engineer


Profile: ABB Inc.

By: Anna Claire Howard

For more than 130 years, ABB and its predecessor companies have set the pace for innovation in power grid technologies to harvest energy, improve productivity, safeguard the...



Louis Dorworth
Manager of the Direct Services Division
Abaris Training Resources Inc.


A Stronger, Cleaner Steel for Applications in...

By: Patrik Olund

As demand for renewable energy grows and wind turbines become an ever-increasingly common sight, the nature of their application is forcing engineers to look for steels with...


Profile: Surface Technology, Inc.

By: Anna Claire Howard

Since opening its doors amid the oil crisis in the 1970s, Surface Technology, Inc. has been a leading supplier of composite electroless coatings to many industries, including wind...


Ruben Guerrero
Director of Sales
Lighthouse Global Energy


Profile: EdgeData LLC

By: Anna Claire Howard

While it may be a newcomer to the wind energy industry, EdgeData is making great strides in big-data collection with its wind-specific BladeEdge analytics software that will be...



Steve Black
Senior Business Development Manager
Moog Components Group

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