Dec 12, 2017


Profile: Helukabel

By: Kenneth Carter

For almost 40 years, Helukabel has produced literal miles of high-quality cable for the wind industry and other heavy industrial areas.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By: Dr. Rosemary Barnes

Technologies exist that can melt ice on a wind-turbine blade or keep it from forming in the first place


Chasing the Value

By: Brian Hastings

Innovation and industry maturity have brought additional options to gearbox repair and replacement.


Profile: The Timken Company

By: Kenneth Carter

For decades, The Timken Company has been a global leader in bearings and mechanical power transmission, continually improving performance, reliability, and efficiency.



Sonny Garg
Global Energy Solutions Lead | Uptake


From Megawatts to Gigawatts

By: Shikha Sinha

Offshore wind market to make prominent ground in the global energy mix; Europe to continue its dominance in the regional landscape.



Jim Bennett
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Chief, Office of Renewable Energy Programs (national)

Joan Barminski
Regional Director | BOEM Pacific...


Foam Rings and Turbine Foundations

By: Joe Bruce

Foam rings are still used in the grout trough of a turbine foundation to prevent the grout from making contact with the anchor bolts.


Profile: ExxonMobil

By: Kenneth Carter

Providing the right lubricants to ensure wind turbines keep operating smoothly and for as long as possible can be a challenge, but ExxonMobil’s innovative lubrication...



Jesse Dilk
Business Unit Manager Wind Energy | Klüber Lubrication NA LP


Turning Tower Lights Off

By: Capt. Edward Lundquist

FAA manager discusses the history and future of obstruction lighting.


Profile: HARTING Americas

By: Kenneth Carter

HARTING Americas combines innovative technology with customer collaboration to solve connectivity needs for power and data.



Kent Pedersen
General Manager – Sales and Business Development | Avanti Wind Systems


Approaching Zero Downtime

By: Kenneth Carter

ServiceMax uses the Internet of Things in the field to help companies save money, resources, and improve customer satisfaction.


Profile: Valley Forge & Bolt

By: Kenneth Carter

Valley Forge & Bolt’s load indicating fastener could help the wind industry lower its O&M costs.



Doug Herr
Director of Marketing, Technical Sales | AeroTorque


Wind Works for America

By: John Hensley

U.S. wind power is on track to supply 10 percent of the country’s energy needs by 2020.


The Power of Data

By: Andrea Miller

Real-time data collection is being used to optimize turbine performance and profitability.


Profile: Logisticus Group

By: Kenneth Carter

Logisticus Group makes sure massive wind-turbine parts have a problem-free journey as they are transported across the country.


More Wind, More Jobs

By: Kenneth Carter

The wind industry heads for new heights — and it will need a strong workforce to keep it soaring.


Condensing the Curriculum

By: Walter Christmas

Top five topics wind schools should be teaching future wind-turbine technicians.


Profile: Abaris Training Resources, Inc.

By: Kenneth Carter

Abaris Training takes its composite repair expertise it learned from the aerospace industry and channels it into teaching wind-power technicians.



 Chris Pattison | Assistant Director of Wind Education and Professor of Wind Energy at the National Wind Institute


Diagnosing Wear Faults

By: Tom Barraclough

High-throughput screening of wind-turbine gearbox samples using the LaserNet 230 and automatic sample processor (ASP).


Profile: NTC Wind Energy

By: Kenneth Carter

Family-owned NTC Wind Energy supplies quality bolt caps and much more while offering value to its customers in a fair, honest way.



Stuart Gillen
Senior Director of Customer Success and Partnerships | SparkCognition



Steven Elrod | General Manager | BS Rotor Technic USA, LLC


Improving Joint Integrity

By: Pete Fuller

Three-part approach helps to reduce costs and increase production and quality.


Profile: ITH Engineering

By: Kenneth Carter

ITH Bolting Technology is a tooling and hardware manufacturer that focuses on engineering and bolted joint design.



Philip W. Beck
Business Development Manager
Wind Measurement International


Cranes and Wind Power: A Critical Pairing

By: Kate Nation

From the day a turbine is erected, to the time it is ready to be taken down, cranes are necessary tools for building and maintaining wind farms.


Extreme Blade Transport

By: Mihir Patel

As wind-turbine blades get larger, the challenges of getting them to their final destination increase.


Offshore Wind Challenges

By: Karen Cassidy

Digitalization becomes crucial to supply-chain logistics for North American offshore industry.


Profile: Terex Cranes

By: Kenneth Carter

Through its commitment to innovation and quality, Terex and its Demag cranes have become a popular brand in wind-turbine construction.

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