Feb 25, 2018


Monitoring wind in cold climates

The ability to keep track of potential ice build up on turbine blades can significantly reduce maintenance costs.
By Michael Clarke


Changing Turbine Gearbox Oil

By: Frank May

Technology automatically changes oil in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods.


Profile: BARR Fabrication Field Services

By: Kenneth Carter

With a perfect safety record and a devotion to responding to jobs quickly, BARR Fabrication Field Services offers a variety of services to the wind industry.



Don MacMillan
West Coast Wind Sales Manager | Williams Form Engineering Corp.


Profile: Debenham Energy LLC

By: Kenneth Carter

Debenham Energy LLC develops wind, solar, and storage projects where others aren’t likely to go.



Lindsay Buffum Delahunty
Construction Project Manager | Harvest Energy Services


Profile: Helukabel

By: Kenneth Carter

For almost 40 years, Helukabel has produced literal miles of high-quality cable for the wind industry and other heavy industrial areas.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By: Dr. Rosemary Barnes

Technologies exist that can melt ice on a wind-turbine blade or keep it from forming in the first place


Chasing the Value

By: Brian Hastings

Innovation and industry maturity have brought additional options to gearbox repair and replacement.


Profile: The Timken Company

By: Kenneth Carter

For decades, The Timken Company has been a global leader in bearings and mechanical power transmission, continually improving performance, reliability, and efficiency.



Sonny Garg
Global Energy Solutions Lead | Uptake


From Megawatts to Gigawatts

By: Shikha Sinha

Offshore wind market to make prominent ground in the global energy mix; Europe to continue its dominance in the regional landscape.



Jim Bennett
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Chief, Office of Renewable Energy Programs (national)

Joan Barminski
Regional Director | BOEM Pacific...


Foam Rings and Turbine Foundations

By: Joe Bruce

Foam rings are still used in the grout trough of a turbine foundation to prevent the grout from making contact with the anchor bolts.


Profile: ExxonMobil

By: Kenneth Carter

Providing the right lubricants to ensure wind turbines keep operating smoothly and for as long as possible can be a challenge, but ExxonMobil’s innovative lubrication...



Jesse Dilk
Business Unit Manager Wind Energy | Klüber Lubrication NA LP


Turning Tower Lights Off

By: Capt. Edward Lundquist

FAA manager discusses the history and future of obstruction lighting.


Profile: HARTING Americas

By: Kenneth Carter

HARTING Americas combines innovative technology with customer collaboration to solve connectivity needs for power and data.



Kent Pedersen
General Manager – Sales and Business Development | Avanti Wind Systems


Approaching Zero Downtime

By: Kenneth Carter

ServiceMax uses the Internet of Things in the field to help companies save money, resources, and improve customer satisfaction.


Profile: Valley Forge & Bolt

By: Kenneth Carter

Valley Forge & Bolt’s load indicating fastener could help the wind industry lower its O&M costs.



Doug Herr
Director of Marketing, Technical Sales | AeroTorque


Wind Works for America

By: John Hensley

U.S. wind power is on track to supply 10 percent of the country’s energy needs by 2020.


The Power of Data

By: Andrea Miller

Real-time data collection is being used to optimize turbine performance and profitability.


Profile: Logisticus Group

By: Kenneth Carter

Logisticus Group makes sure massive wind-turbine parts have a problem-free journey as they are transported across the country.


More Wind, More Jobs

By: Kenneth Carter

The wind industry heads for new heights — and it will need a strong workforce to keep it soaring.


Condensing the Curriculum

By: Walter Christmas

Top five topics wind schools should be teaching future wind-turbine technicians.


Profile: Abaris Training Resources, Inc.

By: Kenneth Carter

Abaris Training takes its composite repair expertise it learned from the aerospace industry and channels it into teaching wind-power technicians.



 Chris Pattison | Assistant Director of Wind Education and Professor of Wind Energy at the National Wind Institute


Diagnosing Wear Faults

By: Tom Barraclough

High-throughput screening of wind-turbine gearbox samples using the LaserNet 230 and automatic sample processor (ASP).


Profile: NTC Wind Energy

By: Kenneth Carter

Family-owned NTC Wind Energy supplies quality bolt caps and much more while offering value to its customers in a fair, honest way.



Stuart Gillen
Senior Director of Customer Success and Partnerships | SparkCognition

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