Aug 19, 2018


 A Foundation of best practices

By: Jesse Tarr

Understanding what to look for today can save millions tomorrow when it comes to inspections and maintenance of turbine foundations.


Significant energy benefits

By: Russell Merritt

Sine pumps optimize high viscosity resin delivery for Enercon, one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers.


The mysterious met tower

By: Roger Smith

Met-tower maintenance is an often-overlooked necessity in order to keep a wind farm functioning properly.


Aspects of wind safety

By: Trent (Legend) Nylander

Wind technicians should be properly trained for any possible emergency scenario, so they know what to do if the need arises.


Profile: Petzl

By: Kenneth Carter

Petzl America supplies equipment and training for a variety of industries where working high above the ground is necessary.



Cynthia Cuenin
General Manager | Tempest Group


Boosting operating efficiency

By: Martin Armson

Predictive maintenance based on vibration monitoring can raise the efficiency of wind turbines by preventing catastrophic failure and unscheduled downtime.


Tackling turbine security

By: Robert Weber

Turbine hardware and software aren’t made in a bubble, which sparks the need to tackle security vulnerabilities.


Skill is just the beginning

By: Dan Lutat

Iowa Lakes Community College teaches its future wind technicians more than just how to repair turbines.


Profile: Royal Dutch Shell

By: Kenneth Carter

Shell has been in the energy business for more than a century, but as the need for renewables has grown, it has expanded its footprint into many areas of the wind...



Tracy Deadman | Site Operations Supervisor | e.on’s Bruenning’s Breeze Windfarm


Cheaper Wind Equals More Wind

By: John Hensley

As wind power becomes more affordable and cost effective, its reach across the U.S. widens — 41 states are now home to utility-scale wind farms.


The World of Turbine Bearings

By: Dayananda Raju

Recent technological innovations show how far bearings have evolved in meeting operational demands and improving productivity and profitability.


Profile: Bachmann electronic GmbH

By: Kenneth Carter

Bachmann electronic supplies wind-turbine controllers, SCADA systems, condition monitoring, and more to a wind market that is constantly changing.



Jana Adams
Senior Vice President for Member Value and Experience | AWEA


Profile: Mersen

By: Kenneth Carter

Mersen is not only a leading supplier to the wind power industry, but also works with its customers to ensure they are getting the most from the components they are using.



Gary Hennigan
Wind Lubricants Technical Adviser | ExxonMobil


Monitoring wind in cold climates

By: Michael Clarke

The ability to keep track of potential ice build up on turbine blades can significantly reduce maintenance costs.


Profile: BARR Fabrication Field Services

By: Kenneth Carter

With a perfect safety record and a devotion to responding to jobs quickly, BARR Fabrication Field Services offers a variety of services to the wind industry.



Don MacMillan
West Coast Wind Sales Manager | Williams Form Engineering Corp.


Profile: Debenham Energy LLC

By: Kenneth Carter

Debenham Energy LLC develops wind, solar, and storage projects where others aren’t likely to go.



Lindsay Buffum Delahunty
Construction Project Manager | Harvest Energy Services


Profile: Helukabel

By: Kenneth Carter

For almost 40 years, Helukabel has produced literal miles of high-quality cable for the wind industry and other heavy industrial areas.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By: Dr. Rosemary Barnes

Technologies exist that can melt ice on a wind-turbine blade or keep it from forming in the first place


Chasing the Value

By: Brian Hastings

Innovation and industry maturity have brought additional options to gearbox repair and replacement.


Profile: The Timken Company

By: Kenneth Carter

For decades, The Timken Company has been a global leader in bearings and mechanical power transmission, continually improving performance, reliability, and efficiency.



Sonny Garg
Global Energy Solutions Lead | Uptake


From Megawatts to Gigawatts

By: Shikha Sinha

Offshore wind market to make prominent ground in the global energy mix; Europe to continue its dominance in the regional landscape.



Jim Bennett
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Chief, Office of Renewable Energy Programs (national)

Joan Barminski
Regional Director | BOEM Pacific...

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