Apr 28, 2017

Articles By Kenneth Carter


Wind Energy a Key to ‘Tomorrowland’

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Spreading the Word about the Multi-Faceted World of Wind

MARKET OUTLOOK: A Strong Wind Blows Deep in the Heart of Texas

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Offshore Windpower and CanWEA Take the Stage

Profile: Apex Clean Energy

Renewable energy company delivers large-scale, clean-energy solutions across the U.S.

Coping with Cables

Mitigation for offshore wind-turbine cables is critical.

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Keep on spinning, spinning, spinning

Profile: LM Wind Power

What began as a vision has sparked LM Wind Power to implement a greener future while pushing the cutting edge of turbine-blade technology.

Experiencing Turbulence

University of Delaware study predicts U.S. offshore wind might be more powerful and abundant than originally thought.

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The 2017 Buyer’s Guide is here.

Profile: GEV Wind Power

Through robust safety protocols and innovative technology, GEV Wind Power strives to be the go-to company in turbine inspection and maintenance.

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Wrapping Up a Good Year for Wind

Profile: Terex Cranes

Through its commitment to innovation and quality, Terex and its Demag cranes have become a popular brand in wind-turbine construction.

Strong Winds Ahead

Several factors in motion will help ensure wind power’s growth in 2017 and beyond.

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New Year, New Challenges

Profile: ITH Engineering

ITH Bolting Technology is a tooling and hardware manufacturer that focuses on engineering and bolted joint design.

Getting Rid of the Shakes

Dampers can stop damage from seismic and wind events and help lower repair costs.

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Services Keep Turbines Turning

Big Help in a Small Package

Research with plant fibers could make future turbines lighter and greener.

Profile: Shermco Industries

Shermco Industries provides comprehensive wind generator maintenance and repair.

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Growth Equals Good News for Wind

Profile: NTC Wind Energy

Family-owned NTC Wind Energy supplies quality bolt caps and much more while offering value to its customers in a fair, honest way.

Power Generation with Magical Inspiration

Accio Energy is developing a unique technology to conjure electricity from the wind.

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Green-Energy Jobs Can Make Greenbacks

More Wind, More Jobs

The wind industry heads for new heights — and it will need a strong workforce to keep it soaring.

Profile: Abaris Training Resources, Inc.

Abaris Training takes its composite repair expertise it learned from the aerospace industry and channels it into teaching wind-power technicians.

Copying the Power of Nature

Cutting-edge technology from Tyer Wind would mimic the motion of bird wings to create electricity.

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