Jul 16, 2018

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Spotlight on blades, gearboxes, and turbine inspections

We’re a month into fall, and the days continue to shorten. The winds may be blowing colder, but they’re still blowing against those turbine blades creating clean energy for millions of homes and businesses.

The October issue of Wind Systems has quite a few interesting articles that proves just how strong those winds are and what that means to the wind industry.

This issue focuses on topics essential to almost every part of an asset: blades, gearboxes, and turbine inspection.

On the blade front, we have an article from LM Wind Power. The industry is discovering that the wind in colder climates is ideal for energy production. The downside is that those climates can cause ice to form on blades, which not only can disrupt energy production, but also inflict major damage as well.

The article from LM Wind Power discusses what’s being done to de-ice a blade as well as keeping ice from forming in the first place.

The Timken Company is one of the leading businesses that makes bearings found in gearboxes and other parts of a turbine. In our company profile, an expert with Timken discusses what it has done for wind and the innovative products it will soon unveil to further revolutionize the industry.

Predictive maintenance is a rapidly growing niche in determining when parts of a turbine need replacing. It is saving companies millions in O&M costs.

In this month’s Conversation, Sonny Garg with Uptake talks about what his company is doing to detect problems before they start.

There’s always something new and interesting going on in wind. This issue of Wind Systems reflects just a small cross-section of the ingenuity that continues to make wind an exciting industry.

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