Jul 16, 2018

Gearbox Express Signs Framework Agreement With Eickhoff Bochum

Gearbox Express (GBX), the only independent company in North America focused on providing down-tower, multi-brand wind gearbox remanufacturing services, recently announced it has signed a framework agreement with Eickhoff Bochum to become its preferred North American partner for all up- and down-tower service both in and out of warranty, parts supply, and new replacement gearboxes.

“Currently, Eickhoff has more than 800 wind-turbine gearboxes in service in North America, and this partnership gives Eickhoff much needed service capabilities,” said Bruce Neumiller, CEO of Gearbox Express. “Gearbox Express will serve as their North American service and repair partner, ensuring the Eickhoff gearboxes keep running. We look forward to working together as partners for many years to come.”

Eickhoff has been in the gearbox business since 1864, and takes the care and maintenance of their product seriously.

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“We had to prove our capabilities to handle the work,” Neumiller said. “The GBX team is highly trained; our equipment and parts are state of the art, and our quality of service sets the industry standard.”

The collaboration is in line with Eickhoff Bochum’s strategic goal to provide service all around the globe.

“We are looking back on many years of cooperation with GBX and value them as a reliable and experienced partner,” said Christina Gierga, head of service at Eickhoff Bochum. “The official collaboration is a logical step toward our goal of meeting the needs of our customers in the USA with high quality standards and OEM spares made by Eickhoff.” 

Source: Gearbox Express

For more information, go to gearboxexpress.com


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