Jul 16, 2018

Cable Ties Help Maintain Position In High-Vibration Applications

Ty-Met™ stainless steel retained-tension ball-lock cable ties, new from Thomas & Betts® (T&B®), a member of the ABB Group, feature specially formed spring crimps that help maintain consistent tension on the tie after installation.

Consistent tension enables the cable tie to remain in position, even under high-vibration conditions.

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“Ty-Met retained-tension cable ties won’t slide down the bundle of cables after installation,” said Ralph Donati, product marketing director, Installation Products, at ABB Electrification Products. “The spring crimp was engineered to provide positive clamping in high-vibration applications, such as manufacturing, heavy equipment operation, oil and gas processing, renewable energy generation, and shipbuilding.”

The formed channel provides a path for trace wire that protects against crushing and short circuits. Other features include the ball-lock fastening mechanism that is easily assembled and adjusted for tension. Ty-Met stainless steel retained-tension ball-lock cable ties are available in Type 304 stainless steel and marine-grade Type 316 stainless steel.

Ty-Met stainless steel retained-tension ball-lock cable ties can be installed with T&B DAS-250 application tools. 

Source: Thomas & Betts Corporation

For more information, go to www.tnb.com


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