Jul 16, 2018

Lagerwey Enters Belgian Market With Order For Fortech

The delivery of two 2.5 MW wind turbines to Fortech represents Lagerwey’s first steps into the Belgian market. The two L100 turbines, which have a hub height of 99 meters, will be at the Goeiende wind farm next to the E17 motorway near Zele. The aim is to have the park operational at the end of 2017.

Using the motto “what’s not inside, cannot break down,”  Lagerwey has developed a wind turbine with fewer components compared to normal turbines. Lagerwey turbines are characterized by their direct drive technology, excellent grid compatibility, and high availability.

“Lagerwey is delighted to realize its first wind project in the Belgian market,” said Ronald Boerkamp, sales director for Lagerwey. “We would really like to thank Fortech and Triodos Bank for their cooperation, and for the fact that they share our passion for engineering, simplicity and innovation.”

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“When realizing our projects, we want wind turbines that offer advanced technology and are capable of maximizing energy production within the scope of the license,” said Chris Derde, manager with Fortech. “Lagerwey’s wind turbine emerged as the best option from our evaluation. In addition, we found a very committed team of specialists within Lagerwey, who shared our values.”

“Wind energy supplied by the turbines will be distributed to families, (agricultural) businesses, and municipalities in the region by the Wase Wind cooperative,” said Kris Aper, chairman of Wase Wind. “It is also possible for cooperative members to participate financially in the wind farm. For instance, a dividend of 5.5 percent has been paid in recent years.” 

Source: Lagerwey

For more information, go to lagerwey.com


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