Aug 19, 2018

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2018: A Good Year for Wind

Wind is expected to continue to boom in the coming year, and we at Wind Systems are going to make sure you stay informed about not just the nuts and bolts of the industry, but the policy making as well.

We are planning several changes to better serve our readers, starting with a redesigned website that will be up and running very soon.

In the redesign, you’ll notice immediately how much cleaner and dynamic it is. I hope you’ll continue to use it as a great source for industry news as we bring you information from some of the best experts — as well as movers and shakers — in the business.

In addition to a new and improved website, we are working with several wind companies to offer you more monthly features in the future. They’ll be bringing you their insights about the goings-on in the industry to help you gauge the direction of wind power as you make those important business decisions.

Since I became editor of Wind Systems, I have worked to bring you strong editorial features while gradually finessing the look of the magazine.

During 2018, we will continue to push the visual envelope of the magazine to keep you turning those pages.

And speaking of strong editorial features, our January issue is full of quite a few of those.

With our inFocus topic highlighting bolting, torque, and wind measurement, you’ll find a lot of information from some prominent companies.

Experts from AeroTorque dive into how drivetrain loads are important in analyzing component performance. It’s the first of two parts on the subject of torque loading, with part two appearing next month.

Tom Macey, president of Maxpro, offers his insights into the standards service providers should be using in order to calibrate their torque equipment.

On the subject of wind measurement, experts with Leosphere share a paper about the role of Lidar and how it may be a better option to met masts.

Along with our monthly features that include a company profile with BARR Fabrication Field Services, you’ll see that Wind Systems is welcoming in the new year with a strong set of articles.

We expect 2018 — and the wind industry’s place in it — to continue to be strong. We welcome you to take that journey with us.

And, as always, thanks for reading!

About The Author
Kenneth Carter

is the editor of Wind Systems magazine. He can be reached at or (800) 366-2185, ext. 204.


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