Jun 18, 2018

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February introduces a new feature

One month already down for 2018, and we’re knee deep in the month that celebrates dead presidents, candy hearts, and MoonPies (trust me, that joke kills in the southern United States).

A lot of Wind Systems’ nuts-and-bolts revolve around operations, and this month’s issue focuses on that as well as turbine maintenance.

To help, we’ve got quite the array of articles dealing with these topics.

An article from Oerlikon addresses how to extend the life of wind-turbine components. An expert with Campbell Scientific reveals the best practices for cold weather wind energy. Globecore shares its insights on changing oil in turbine gearboxes. And finally, experts with AeroTorque complete their two-part series on torque loading.

Turbine maintenance has been getting a boost in newer turbines as many of the bigger models now come with elevators installed. That extra equipment means that it must be maintained under specific guidelines. In this month’s company profile, we talk with an official from the Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund. This organization exists to ensure that work done on elevators is done as safely as possible.

In our Conversation feature, an official with AMSOIL shares his company’s insights on creating some of the best lubricants used by the industry.

In addition to our regular features, I am pleased to introduce a new one: Experts with New Energy Update will be contributing a monthly article about the direction of the industry. The inaugural feature explores how one energy company is optimizing wind resources and site performance by boosting trust between legal, safety, and operations. It’s a fascinating piece with a lot of insight into the work being undertaken to reduce internal friction.

I suspect you will see a lot more from Wind Systems as the year goes on. We are constantly working with companies and other organizations within the industry to better serve you and bring you valuable information about where wind is headed.

Consider this month just a taste of what’s to come, so please enjoy this month’s issue. And, as always, thanks for reading!

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Kenneth Carter

is the editor of Wind Systems magazine. He can be reached at editor@windsystemsmag.com or (800) 366-2185, ext. 204.


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