Aug 20, 2018

New partnering arrangement enhances WSP’s offshore wind capabilities

WSP USA has entered into a partnership with Wood Thilsted, a specialist structural and geotechnical engineering consultancy, to provide detailed design services for offshore wind foundations in the U.S. market.

WSP provides technical and consulting services to support developers in planning, implementing, and operating offshore wind systems. The firm’s expertise includes geotechnical, civil, and structural engineering; renewable generation, transmission, and distribution system design; wind resource assessment; and equipment and process quality assurance.

WSP’s extensive knowledge of the U.S. regulatory and management environment, combined with Wood Thilsted’s extensive experience in the design of offshore wind foundations, provides clients with a unique service offering.

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Since its founding in 2015, Wood Thilsted has served clients on more than 30 projects worldwide. While most of these projects are in support of foundation design for offshore wind-farm developments, the firm has also worked on onshore infrastructure and building projects.

“The combination of Wood Thilsted’s expertise in wind-turbine monopile design and WSP’s multidisciplinary skills and global resources provides an exceptional level of technical and consulting support to the offshore wind industry,” said Matthew Palmer, vice president and manager of offshore wind services at WSP USA.

“Improved design of offshore wind foundations has contributed significantly to reducing the overall cost of energy for offshore wind in Europe,” said Wood Thilsted partner Alastair Muir Wood. “Our firm has been working on feasibility-level design for U.S. projects for more than 18 months, and this new partnership with WSP provides an opportunity to apply that experience at a detailed design level.” 

Source: WSP USA

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