Aug 19, 2018

‘Rotorlock’ locking system rated for turbines up to 7 MW

Roemheld has improved the performance of its modular locking system “Rotorlock” for the inspection and maintenance of wind-power stations. With a transverse force absorption of up to 7,500 kN, the systems reliably and safely lock rotors with a maximum capacity of 7 MW. Customer-specific variants with higher values are also possible. Due to their design and special coating, they are maintenance-free and corrosion-free through the entire service life of onshore and offshore stations.

The core of Rotorlock is a double-action, hydraulically or electromechanically driven pin that quickly and reliably locks the rotor disc. Non-contact position monitoring transmits the end positions “rotor disc locked” and “rotor released” to the system control and hence provides for extra safety for the operator.

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At present, great interest for the locking system developed by Roemheld is shown by the offshore industry. Adverse weather conditions, temperatures between -30° C and 70° C and air with a high salt content are easily managed by Rotorlock. All components meet the corrosion protection requirements for offshore stations with a surface coating pursuant to DIN ISO 12944.

Special coating

A special coating provides long-term protection for the sleeve where the locking pin rests during wind-power station operation. Roemheld warrants continuous corrosion protection for a period of 25 years and hence the typical service life of a wind-power station. Regreasing, as for other models, is not necessary, either.  The element is therefore practically maintenance-free and ready to use at any time.

Since only restricted space is available in most gondolas, the locking system has a specially compact design. As stated by Roemheld, the standard modular systems allows for offering special designs on the short term and at reasonable cost. 

Source: Roemheld

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