Jul 16, 2018

Windserve Marine, LLC to provide U.S. offshore wind support services

The Reinauer Group of Companies has added a new member company, Windserve Marine, LLC, to provide support services to the U.S. offshore wind industry. Joining its affiliate companies Boston Towing & Transportation, BTT Marine Construction, Erie Basin Bargeport, Reicon Group, Reinauer Transportation Companies, and Senesco Marine, Windserve starts a new chapter in the Group’s rich history.

Windserve’s mission: Windserve Marine seeks to be the premier offshore wind support services provider on the Atlantic Coast. Building upon more than 95 years in the maritime industry, Windserve is committed to providing excellence in all stages of the offshore wind farm lifecycle and supports industry stakeholders in project commencement and construction, operation and maintenance, and logistics.

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The company intends to offer a range of services anticipating its ability to leverage the resources and synergies of its affiliate companies in the Reinauer Group. Capabilities will include personnel transfers, towing, escort and offshore support vessels, stores and equipment allocation and positioning, dive and survey operations, heavy equipment contracting and construction support, and engineering and logistics services.

Windserve is well-positioned to benefit from the expertise and coordination of its 24/7/365 operating platform.

“We are pleased to enter this burgeoning industry and capitalize on the depth of talent and infrastructure we already have in place,” said Reinauer’s Chief Executive Officer, Craig Reinauer.

As a part of its unique value proposition, Windserve will be able to offer complete business solutions in addition to itemized services. Additionally, these offerings will be available at strategic locations in New York, Boston, and Rhode Island. 

Source: Windserve Marine

For more information, go to www.WindserveMarine.com


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