Aug 19, 2018

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Safety: An important piece of turbine functionality that shouldn’t be neglected

As wind turbines continue to grow (not only toward the sky, but off the coast) the importance of keeping safe the men and women who scale these metal behemoths is of paramount importance.

That’s why one of the topics of focus in this issue is on safety, and we approach it from different angles within several of our monthly features.

In the inFocus section, we have an article from Trent Nylander from the EcoTech Institute. His job is to train fledgling wind techs, and part of that training involves safety. In his article, Nylander talks about how technicians need to be properly trained for any possible emergency scenario.

In our company profile, I talk with Michel Goulet from Petzl. For decades, the company has made equipment ranging from ropes to harnesses to helmets to ensure that a wind tech’s trip up a turbine ends with him returning to the ground in one piece. Goulet discusses how Petzl began and what it can offer the wind industry.

But the safety info doesn’t stop there. In this month’s Conversation, I interview Cynthia Cuenin, general manager of Tempest Group. Elevators have become an important addition to turbines as they get taller, and Tempest’s main goal is specializing in the safety and quality service of wind-turbine elevators.

Along with safety, Cuenin also talks about being part of a 100-percent woman-owned and managed business and the importance of diversity in wind.

Also, as part of this month’s features, we’ve included an article from Roger Smith with Campbell Scientific. In it, he dispels some of the mysteries surrounding met towers and how crucial they can be for a properly functioning wind farm.

You’ll find that and much more in this issue. I hope you find it informative, and please feel free to send me any feedback about what you’d like to see in future issues. I’m always looking for contributors and good article ideas.

Thanks for reading!

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