Aug 19, 2018

Fuji launches new tool series that can save up to 66% on maintenance costs

BIndustrial tool specialist Fuji Air Tools has launched FLT*3 Series Shut-off and FL*3 Non-Shut-Off Pulse Tools that reduce maintenance costs and help users improve productivity. The two new series of pulse tools feature an innovative pulse unit design that triples their service life, out-performing other tools in their class. With the new pulse tools, users can save up to 66 percent on maintenance costs. The FLT*3 and FL*3 can be used for various assembly applications performed on automotive, agricultural and construction machinery, machinery components, and rolling stock.  

The new advanced pulse unit design of the FLT*3 and FL*3 Series generates high hydraulic pressure and reduces the speed of oil deterioration during consecutive tightening — ensuring torque stability. The high sealing technology used in the unit minimizes leakages further contributing to the tools’ long service life.  

The FLT*3 and FL*3 Series are easy to use and ergonomic as their weight is kept to a minimum. Additionally, the grip handle size is optimized to provide enhanced operator comfort. This special grip also absorbs vibration more effectively. The new pulse tools from Fuji have been designed with an accumulator mechanism to minimize torque scatter, providing high tightening torque accuracy.

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“Our new FLT*3 Series Shut-off and FL* 3 Non-Shut-Off Pulse Tools provide longer service life, therefore maintenance costs are reduced while helping improve productivity,” said Matsuyuki Yamada, global business development manager, Fuji Air Tools.

The FLT*3 Series Shut-off Pulse Tools are ideal for quality critical operations that require high torque accuracy and repeatability. It compromises two types of shut-off pulse tools: pistol and straight, including both square drive and bit shank. Their torque ranges from 5N.m to 150N.m.

The new FL*3 Series Non-Shut-Off Pulse Tools from Fuji Air Tools are the right choice for general assembly operations where torque accuracy is not critical and the operator must physically evaluate the condition of the joint after fastening. The FL*3 Series consists of three models — pistol, straight and corner — including both square drive and bit shank and with torque ranges from 6 N.m to 172 N.m. 

Source: Fuji Air Tools

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