Aug 19, 2018

U.S. offshore wind discussions in California, Texas

The Business Network for Offshore Wind is introducing Floating Frontiers: Offshore Wind in the U.S., a series of one-day discussions focused on single topics – environmental science, technology, technical needs and advancements, research and development, and finance.

Floating Frontiers: Offshore Wind in the U.S. Environmental Issue Focus is scheduled for June 11 at Santa Clara University, California.

Floating offshore wind technology is rapidly improving and will be implemented more as a renewable energy source over the next five to 10 years. The West Coast is a desirable area for floating offshore wind projects based on its water depth and the proximity to shore of the continental shelf. Learn about floating wind technology, global experiences, and local and global environmental perspectives and mitigation strategies.   

This discussion is focused on environmental impacts and mitigation strategies including best practices from around the world.

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Floating Frontiers: Offshore Wind in the U.S. Technical Needs and Advancements is scheduled for July 11 in Houston, Texas.

The United States has embraced offshore wind two decades after Europe. As a consequence, US businesses are under pressure to make accelerated investments and technological commitments as they ramp up to become part of the offshore wind supply chain. Floating offshore wind is the industry’s “second wind” in which the know-how is less European-centric and the U.S. has the same level of:

  • Policy interests.  
  • Market demand with loads near coastal deep waters and powerful winds.  
  • Design capabilities.  
  • Technology.  

This discussion is focused on highlighting the market and supply chain opportunities for O&G industries and is focused on floating offshore wind technical needs and advancements.  

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