Wednesday, January 20, 2021


S. Himmelstein and Company

S. Nelson & Associates

S&C Electric Co.

Sabre Towers and Poles

Sabre Tubular Structures

Saertex U.S.A. LLC

Safety Socket LLC

Safety Supply South

Safway Services, LLC

Sage Oil Vac, Inc.

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Samsung Heavy Industries

Samuel Engineering, Inc.

Sander + Partner

Sandvik Coromant

Sargent & Lundy LLC

Sauer Energy, Inc.

Sauk Valley Community College

Sault Ste. Marie EDC

SCADA Solutions, Inc.

Scan-Pac Mfg., Inc.

SCANCON Encoders

Schaeffler Group U.S.A.

Schenck Trebel Corp.

Schleifring North America LLC

Schnabel Engineering

Schunk Graphite Technology


Scintec Corp.

Scott-Macon Equipment

SDT, Inc.

SearchPath of Chicago

Seco Tools

SecondWind, Inc


SeegerOrbisBarnes Group

Seiffert Industrial, Inc.

Semikron, Inc.

Seminole Economic Development Corporation


Sentrex Wind Services, Inc.

SGC Engineering LLC


SGS Group

Shanghai Taisheng Power Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shannon & Wilson, Inc.

Shell Valley Cos., Inc.

Shepherd Advisors

Shermco Industries

Shermco Industries


Sick Stegmann

Sicme Motori SpA

Siemens Energy, Inc.

Siemens Financial Services, Inc.

Sigma Energy Solutions, Inc.

Signal Wind Energy LLC

Sinbon Technologies

SINDAL Market Analyst

Sinovel Wind Co., Ltd.

Sioux County


Siterra Corp.

Sixnet LLC

SKF U.S.A., Inc.

Sky Climber Wind Solutions

Sky Power International LLC



Sloan Electric

Smalley Heating and Cooling

Smalley Steel Ring

Smock Material Handling

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Solar Wynd

Solent Composite Systems, Ltd.

SolWind Power Group

Sonoco Reels

Sorel Forge Co.

Sorensen Companies, Inc.

SOS Staffing Services, Inc.

Sotech Nitram

Sotek Inc

South Dakota Office of Economic Development

South Dakota Wind Energy Association

South Plains College

Southbrook Consulting Group, Inc.

Southern Idaho Economic Development

Southern States LLC

Space Potential

Spartanburg Stainless Products

SPECO Wind Power SA de CV

Spectrum Sensors and Controls

Sperian Protection, Inc.

Sperry Van Ness

Spin Trends LLC


SSB Services, Inc.

Staco Energy Products Co.

Stafford Manufacturing Co.

Stahl, Bernal & Davies LLP

Stahlwille Tools LLC

Standard Iron & Wire Works, Inc.

Stanley Consultants



Steel Works, Inc.

Sterling Rope Co.

Stevenson Crane Service

Stillwater Technologies, Inc.

Stirling Mercantile

Stork Materials Technology


Storm Copper Components Co.

Streamline Financial Services

Strohwig Industries

Subsurface Constructors, Inc.

Summit Lubricants

Sun Steel Treating, Inc.

Suncoast Post Tension, Ltd.


SunWind Power Systems, Inc.

Supermetal Structures, Inc.

SuperPower Inc

Suzlon Wind Energy Corp.

Svendborg Brakes Deutschland


SWCA Environmental Consultants

Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Dev., Inc.

SWG Energy, Inc.

Syn-Tech, Ltd.

Synergy Cables U.S.A., Ltd.

Synergy Wind Power Corp.

System 3, Inc.