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october, 2020

oct8:00 amoct(oct 2)5:00 pmThe Energy Transition Summit

Event Details

Leadership In the Age of Transition

We are in the midst of a dramatic paradigm shift. The world has awoken to climate change; the time for the energy industry to stand up and be counted has arrived. The way in which we produce, distribute and use energy will undergo a radical transformation over the next two decades.

Reuters Events Energy Transition Summit unites leaders and experts from across the public and private sectors to tackle the Energy Transition head on; to shed light on the defining issue of our time and help energy companies meet a uniquely difficult challenge. That is, to be both an energy company of today, and the energy companies of tomorrow.

This 2-day strategic summit will shed light upon how the transition will be led, governed, and financed. We’ll establish what the future energy system will look like and offer companies, from across the asset spectrum, a definitive guide to their ET strategies, combining onstage inspiration and offstage Chatham House Rule Discussions.

The Energy Transition will be a period defined by uncertainty. We can, together, lighten the way forward.

Theme 1:
International Governance

  • The ET’s First Domino – the European Green Deal
  • Anticipating International Action at COP 26
  • The Decade of Paris Policy Action
  • Translating Targets into Action
  • How can we push towards net-zero in the 2020s?
Theme 2:
Financing ET

  • Financing the Energy Transition
  • How can we ‘crowd-in’ private investment?
  • Investor engagement, ESG and aligning with Paris
  • Create climate partnerships
  • Has Climate change fundamentally realigned the investment sector?
Theme 3:
New Energy Infrastructure

  • Capitalising on Energy Efficiency
  • Explore the future of power distribution
  • Offshore Wind, Solar, Hydrogen
  • Carbon Capture & Storage: Crucial Solution or Pipe Dream?
  • Transport Electrification
Theme 4:
Leadership in the Age of Transition

  • Energy transition and the energy ecosystem
  • Incumbents and disruptors: who will lead the transition?
  • Interactive roundtables
  • Target Setting
  • Chatham House Rules


Uniting Key Decision Makers from Across the Energy Spectrum

To succeed in the age of transition, industry must come together to understand both risk and opportunity. The Energy Transition Summit will unite key leaders from across both the private and public sectors, to provide leadership, build partnerships and shed light upon the defining issue of our time.



Month Long Event (october)


Park Plaza London Riverbank