Aero Torque

AeroTorque was launched out of its sister company, PT Tech Inc., a world leader in torque management, with 36 years of history working to reduce transient torque loads in a variety of equipment, in markets such as mining, steel and crushing and grinding equipment.
A dedicated team has been assembled, containing the development team and new resources to serve you and your customer's needs.  
PT Tech's Wind Industry experience goes back to the 90's with work with Kennetech and with the US Wind Turbine Company.

The WindTM™, torque monitor has been in the field since May of 2011 and the WindTC™ followed in July of 2011.  Since this time, thousands of hours have been logged and hundreds of significant transient torsional reversals have been controlled, extending the lives of the gearboxes.  The first installations were in NEG Micon 750 KW machines.  What was found on these machines is that transient torsional reversals are occurring frequently, skewing bearings, causing impact loads and leading to additional damage to the bearing races.  Starting as early as 2013, researchers began to see the link between these events and White Area Etching cracking and spalling.

Since the introduction, AeroTorque has moved the technologies to the multi-megawatt class machines.  These machines see fewer events but the magnitude of the events are increased significantly.  AeroTorque's WindTM monitors have been installed on machines from 1MW to 2.3 MW in the US.  Fleet installations of WindTC torsional controls began in December of 2012.

In May of 2013, AeroTorque announced the introduction of the first WindTC designed for the multi-megawatt turbines.  Product offerings now span from 600 kw to 2.3 mw.