BS – Rotor Technic USA LLC


The BS Rotor Technic Group of companies are certified by Germanischer Lloyd for the inspection, servicing and repair of rotor blades on wind turbines. With several years of experience for the world’s largest rotor blade manufacturer, we can utilize our technical knowledge and expertise in the service and repair of your rotor blades.
Whether you are an OEM, wind farm operations and maintenance company, or wind farm owner, BS Rotor Technic is a competent partner in all matters relating to your wind turbine.
We offer the following services for your on-shore and off-shore wind turbines:

• Inspection and documented reports
• Service
• Repairs

• Inspection and reporting on coatings
• Internal & external cleaning of surface coatings
• Repairs

• Inspection with documented reports
• Setting, maintenance and exchange of tips
• Maintenance contracts
• Attachment and repair of vortexes
• Repair and cleaning of rotor blades
• Surface coating
• Fitting of erosion protection foils
• Thermo-graphic examinations
• Repair of lightning protection devices
• End of warranty inspections and repairs

Rope access technology is derived from alpine rock and mountain climbing and allows a fast and cost effective inspection. Our findings form the basis for specific repair recommendations, which will be fully documented and sent to you together with photographic evidence showing the damage that needs attending to. All of our employees are certified as rope access specialists.

Repairs are usually carried out using platform access. The platform can be placed precisely at the point of damage. The platform encloses the rotor blade without touching it or applying any pressure or tension. It ensures a safe and convenient working situation around the whole blade.