Complete Wind Corporation

Complete Wind Corporation management initially started in the blade manufacturing business over 15 years ago and uses that background to advise our customers on quality issues, repair procedures, maintenance and inspection type and frequency

Management and employees have taken active role in large scale refurbishment projects

Provided QA / QC support to major utility providers and owner/operators

Knowledgeable Technical Management Team will support the owner operator in presenting inspection results to owner/operators

Professionally Trained, Qualified and Experienced Technicians and Inspectors

Strict quality control processes and procedures are consistently followed

Employees centrally located in Ontario, Canada and the U.S midwest reduces deployment times

Our engineering team has a combined expertise in the wind industry of over 30 years

An exemplary safety record of 0 injuries in 2010 / 2011 to date

Comprehensive reports with recommendations are provided at the completion of all projects

Provide daily updates at the site level

Employees take part in comprehensive training in safety, inspection and repair procedures

Alliances allow us to provide a complete inspection package

Will provide proof of insurance and WSIB Clearance Certs as requested

Quality Policy:

Complete Wind Corporation’s commitment to quality is based on understanding our customers’ needs and striving to exceed their expectations.

Every employee in our company is responsible for quality and is encouraged to contribute their ideas for continuously improving our processes and procedures.  Employee involvement through team building is at the very core of our company’s success.

Documented procedures and designated inspection check points ensure that “quality” is consistently built into our products. Statistical reference is maintained to ensure that we focus our efforts effectively and to provide us with a method to measure our success.