Norm Tooman Construction, Inc.

Norm Tooman Construction has been in the wind business for over 25 years. In fact, Norm Tooman was one of the very first wind turbine foundation QC inspectors, overseeing construction in Tehachapi, California.

As the industry moved from experimental to commercial and turbines evolved from lattice towers to monopoles and grew larger and more expensive, Norm recognized the absolute necessity of protecting the integrity of the foundation by preventing corrosion on the foundation anchor bolts and the accumulation of water in the bolt sleeves.

The earliest answer to this problem was simply to paint the foundation anchor bolts. However, this proved to be very labor intensive and did not prevent accumulation of water in the bolt sleeves. Further, the bolts had to be repainted every few years as well as after retensioning. To meet the challenge, Norm designed and patented the Ironclad bolt cap.

Residing in Bakersfield California, Norm remains active in the wind industry, continuing to inspect foundation construction and advising his son-in-law, Joe Bruce, who is managing the day to day business activities of Norm Tooman Construction.