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Trelleborg Supports World’s First Floating Wind Turbine

Statoil’s innovative new offshore floating Hywind wind turbine, now successfully moored in the North Sea off the Norwegian coast, is demonstrating how Trelleborg Offshore’s syntactic foam buoyancy technology is contributing to the future of offshore power generation. “It is subsea technology that has already been extensively proven,” says Gary Howland, renewables sales manager for Trelleborg […]
October 5, 2010

Mortenson Construction Builds Its Fourth Wind Facility In Illinois

Mortenson Construction has started construction of White Oak Energy Center near Bloomington, Illinois, adding 150 megawatts to Illinois’ approximate 2,000-megawatt wind generating capacity. Located in agricultural terrain in central Illinois along the McLean and Woodford County lines, the wind power facility, developed by Chicago-based developer Invenergy Wind LLC, will consist of 100-1.5 megawatt GE turbines. […]
October 5, 2010

MobileCal Accredited Through A2LA

MobileCal, Inc., has been certified by A2LA (The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) of Maryland as accredited by certificate number 3040.01 which assures customers that its quality system meets the requirements of ISO 17025 proficiency testing and proves the validity of its documentation and test results. As this scope of accreditation had never been granted […]
September 3, 2010

Vestas Receives Record-Setting Order in California

Vestas has received a 570 MW order for 190 V90-3.0 MW turbines for Terra-Gen’s Alta Wind Energy Center near Tehachapi, California. The order has been placed by subsidiaries of Alta Wind Holdings, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Terra-Gen Power, LLC. Terra-Gen’s V90-3.0 MW purchase is Vestas’ largest order for a single site. The Alta project […]
September 3, 2010

NAG Expands Algorithm Library for Designers

The largest commercially available collection of numerical algorithms for C and C++, the NAG C Library—widely used for alternative energy research application development—has now been expanded by the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) with the addition of over 150 functions for a total of well over 1,300 user-callable functions. The release includes two new chapters on […]
September 3, 2010

ICF Study Sees Significant Shift in Energy Sources

ICF International’s newly released second-quarter Integrated Energy Outlook projects a significant shift to renewable, gas, and nuclear sources of energy should new carbon legislation be passed by the U.S. Congress. Energy experts at ICF International, a leading provider of consulting services and technology solutions to government and commercial clients, foresee the retirement of a substantial […]
September 3, 2010

3TIER Q2 Performance Map Shows Wind Increases Across U.S.

3TIER, the global leader in renewable energy information services, has released its Quarterly Wind Performance Map showing that the intensity of the wind in the second quarter of 2010 has increased significantly in large portions of the United States. This upswing in wind is in marked contrast to the depressed average wind speeds experienced during […]
September 3, 2010

Supersize Vertical Turning Centers from MAG

Receiving market introduction for IMTS, MAG’s new vertical turning centers with 5 to 8 meter tables are engineered to make short work of large-part manufacturing for a variety of industries, including wind and nuclear, offering multiprocessing machining capabilities with high-end specifications like 2500 mm ram travel and 1500 mm minimum height under the rail. The […]
August 2, 2010