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December 2022


Case Studies: Transportation Challenges

Whether it’s moving massive parts for onshore or offshore wind projects, transporting equipment to its final destination involves precision work and planning.

Moving an 80-metric-ton transformer A team with Collett & Sons, a company that transports difficult and abnormal loads worldwide, took on the unique challenge of transporting an 80-metric-ton transformer to the Harting Rig Wind Farm Substation in South Lanarkshire, U.K. Appointed by Fracht UK, Collett was tasked with providing a transport solution to deliver the […]
Wind Systems staff

Building Wind, Building a Workforce

The renewables industry must look in new places to fill growing skills gap.
By Mikkel Lund

Achieving net zero will require us to simultaneously clean up and dramatically scale up electricity generation to two and half times today’s levels by 2050, creating enormous demand for new skills. Achieving such a rapid scaling up of capacity will mean the number of jobs across the energy sector will have to increase significantly over […]


Videoscope makes wind turbine gearbox inspections faster

The IPLEX G Lite-W videoscope combines portability with imaging features packed into a small, ergonomic form. It enables users to visually inspect inside a wind turbine gearbox without disassembling it to spot issues before they turn into lengthy shutdowns. Wind turbine gearboxes contain lubricating oil, which can adhere to the videoscope’s lens and cause blurry […]
December 7, 2022

Texas leads U.S. in production tax credit

Texas has generated more than $12 billion in PTC revenue by itself. Oklahoma generates $58,125 worth of PTC revenue per MW per year, with Kansas second at $57,893 per MW per year and Nebraska third with $57,266 per MW per year. The Production Tax Credit (PTC) in the U.S. has been a powerful tool for […]
December 7, 2022

Windcat installs Digital DPR on entire boat fleet

Windcat Workboats, a European provider of specialist crew transfer vessels to the offshore wind power industry, has installed Reygar’s Digital Daily Reporting System, Digital DPR, across its entire fleet of more than 50 workboats. The Digital DPR (DDPR) app runs from a touchscreen tablet onboard and is easy to use for busy workboat skippers. It […]
December 7, 2022

Pattern Energy names new CEO

Pattern Energy has named Hunter Armistead as its new CEO, effective Jan. 1, 2023. Armistead, Pattern Energy’s current chief development officer, will succeed Michael Garland in the role. Garland will retire after his successful tenure as CEO of Pattern and its predecessors since 2009. “This is an extraordinary time for the renewable energy sector and […]
December 7, 2022

Vestas expands blade partnership with TPI Composites

Vestas has signed a multi-year agreement with long-time partner TPI Composites Inc. (TPI), a supplier of wind turbine blades and services, to strengthen its scalable global supply chain network for current and future wind turbine blades. “The continued and expanded partnership highlights how we are increasingly collaborating with partners, and how we continue to evolve […]
December 7, 2022