Clir Renewables launches Insight for Asset Development


Clir Renewables, the market intelligence platform for wind and solar, has announced the launch of Clir Insight for Asset Development, a product that leverages 200 GW of data to improve technology selection and operation, and ensure mitigation of risk.

Clir Insight for Asset Development leverages 200 GW of data to improve technology selection and operation and ensures mitigation of risk. (Courtesy: Clir Renewables )

In an increasingly competitive market, developers are faced with a dynamic risk profile, considerable practical challenges, and uncertainty for successful execution of renewables projects. Leveraging more than 200 GW of industry operations and risk data, Clir’s new offering supports developers throughout asset development to evidence major technology selection and contracting decisions, improve accuracy of energy yield loss assumptions, and guide future operations and maintenance strategies.

Clir Insight for Asset Development navigates equipment selection and contracting by identifying technical manufacturer issues, timelines for operational maturity, relative attritional loss risk by technology type, controllable availability by manufacturer, and expected loss factors given site conditions.

Site loss factors and production vary by region and manufacturer, affecting energy yield loss assumptions. By employing new technologies with access to environmental and extreme weather data, grid and technology availability, degradation metrics, trends in equipment failure rates and repair intervals, and sub-optimal performance, developers can gain access to bespoke, accurate, and extensive market intelligence to ensure greater certainty in their financial and operational decision-making.

By leveraging data for accurate assumptions, renewables developers are able to create a more transparent and reliable project trajectory. This can support them in the process of securing the necessary initial funds for project construction, while ensuring positive returns on investment in the operational phase.

“Clir Insight for Asset Development builds upon our existing product line, creating unparalleled insights for pre-construction and early operational projects,” said Craig McCall, Clir Renewables chief revenue officer. “By arming developers with over 200 GW of industry data, we provide direct comparisons between existing technologies and strategies, giving clients the precise guidance they need to confidently design, build, and operate their assets. This enables improved decision-making to maximize project returns.”

Clir accelerates renewable energy production, improving the economics of projects and ultimately reducing the human impact on the planet by further incentivizing the shift away from fossil fuels. Founded in 2017, the company works with renewable energy investors and their asset managers across Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia.

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