Conversation with Rosanna Maietta

Chief Communications Officer and Senior Counselor to the CEO  |  American Clean Power Association


CLEANPOWER 2023 will open in New Orleans, Louisiana, May 22-25. To help our readers get ready for the event, Wind Systems recently talked with ACP’s Rosanna Maietta on what attendees can expect when they get to The Big Easy.

The last time the show was in New Orleans was in 2016 and it was solely devoted to wind energy. What did you learn from that show and how will this one be different?

ACP is proud to be the unified voice of the clean-power industry. Since the last show in New Orleans, AWEA became ACP — a new organization representing all the technologies that make clean energy. We are excited about the opportunity to bring the clean-energy industry together, with our new show, CLEANPOWER, while maintaining our strong ties with the wind industry. Attendees will find value in networking with representatives from across the renewable-energy sector.

If I were a first-time exhibitor, what should I expect to gain by attending the show?

ACP cultivates exhibitor opportunities, programming, and target audiences to maximize opportunities that spur the growth of clean technology business growth. We help our exhibitors make the most of their time at the conference by providing them with marketing tools and briefings ahead of the event.

It’s recommended exhibitors sign up as soon as possible to put their organization in the best position to capitalize on space at CLEANPOWER. One exhibitor shared that last year’s show was a “very productive, well-attended event. The efforts in our three days there amounted to two months of progress for our business.”

Another commented, “All our clients, suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors attend this show, and we are able to set up valuable meetings that make (it) a great investment for our company.”

How will CLEANPOWER allow for networking?

We weave networking opportunities throughout the conference — ensuring that each of the meals, sponsored receptions, and coffee breaks foster opportunities to meet new contacts and strengthen existing relationships.

This year, we’ll also host a “power networking” activity that matches exhibitors with interested parties. We’re crafting even more opportunities to connect, so keep an eye out for more announcements soon.

What issue areas can I expect presenters to address?

Attendees can expect to hear a dynamic lineup of speakers throughout the conference.
Overarching topics include key policies driving the energy economy and the benefits unleashed by the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
Presenters will also discuss energy policy in the state, energy security & independence as well as cutting edge market assessments. To register and see the full conference agenda, please visit our website.

What about the conference will feel unique to the New Orleans location?

We’re looking to charge up this conference in one of the most energized cities in the world. Throughout the event, we’re featuring local musicians and entertainers to immerse members of the clean-energy industry into the fun, lively city between focused presentations.

What are you personally looking forward to at this year’s show?

The people who make up this industry are really special and spending time in a condensed, dynamic environment is one of the best parts of the job.

It’s about being present with the people coming from all corners of the industry and from around the world — getting to meet individuals who are connected with the broad and deep reach of ACP — while also seeing the latest in technology and what the clean-energy industry has to offer.

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