Onyx Insight: Scalable Predictive Maintenance for GW Fleet


For many wind turbine operators, there is an increasing need to simplify data. Operators must consider multiple data sources such as SCADA, vibration, oil and inspections which is often spread across multiple data portals. Not only does this make having an overall view of turbine health difficult, but it also makes planning for predictive maintenance and communications across different teams more challenging.

With a centralized, advanced analytics platform, data from multiple sources, across different turbine types can be integrated and efficiently analyzed.

This webinar looks at how AI HUB can centralize data into a single location and provide a single collaboration space for site and engineering teams, as well as transparency for management.

Register here:
Session 1 (Asia-Pacific Region): 4pm Seoul | 3pm Beijing | 5pm Brisbane |12:30pm Chennai

Session 2 (EU / North America Region): 4pm London | 5pm Madrid | 9am Denver

Key talking points in this webinar:

  • O&M scalability and how this can be affected by  data centralization
  • Machine learning-powered advanced analytics case study including advanced detection of lost energy issues
  • A first-look software demo of the ONYX Insights AI HUB platform