ACCIONA Debuts Medium-Wind Site Turbine In Las Vegas


ACCIONA Windpower has upgraded its AW125/3000 wind turbine, with a new version specially designed for medium-wind sites (IEC IIb). This new design was highlighted at the WINDPOWER 2014.

The upgraded design of the AW125/3000 allows for siting at locations with higher average wind conditions and lower turbulence intensity.

The AW125/3000 combines a 125-meter rotor with a three megawatt wind turbine generator and is available on multiple tower heights ranging from 87.5 meters to 140 meters.  With the 87.5m tower, the AW125/3000 IEC IIb wind turbine—which has 61.2-meter blades—is uniquely positioned to deliver maximum Annual Energy Production while staying within a 150-meter tip-height threshold in sites with aviation permitting constraints.  

The first Design Assessment for the AW125/3000 IEC IIb is expected by the end of 2014 and deliveries are available in early 2015.