Aerox to market its leading-edge protection system for turbine blades


The company Aerox has just brought to market its leading-edge protection system for wind turbine blades; 20 months of work have been necessary to scale up the manufacturing and application processes of Aerox AHP LEP System, the innovative solution of the company for the protection against erosion of the leading edge of wind turbine blades.

Aerox has accomplished the main objectives of the LEP4BLADES project, developing new manufacturing and application processes that have been validated by wind turbine OEMs and service companies.

“This project has been a success for the company, something that could not have been possible without the collaboration of renowned international institutions such as ORE Catapult, University of Limerick, and University CEU Cardenal Herrera of Valencia as well as the support of reference industrial partners in the sector,” said Raúl Cortés, Aerox CEO.

The results of the work carried out in collaboration with the Spanish service company GDES Wind was revealed at the Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture Conference in Dusseldorf last December. The conference, sponsored by Aerox in the 2019 edition, is the most important international industry event on design, materials, production and performance of wind-turbine blades.

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