AGY Expands S-2 Glass Manufacturing Capacity by 20 percent


AGY announced today that it has increased production output of its S-2 Glass® fiber reinforcements by twenty percent with the capability to further increase its output as market demands dictate. This expansion enables AGY to meet growth in both the aerospace and industrial markets for high-performance glass fibers used for composite reinforcement.

S-2 Glass fibers are made exclusively by AGY and are supplied to a wide variety of markets and end use applications around the world. In the aerospace industry, S-2 Glass fibers offer unique reinforcement properties that are critical to high performance aerospace applications such as helicopter blades, aircraft flooring, interiors, and structural parts.

AGY offers S-2 Glass fiber products that are designed to be compatible with phenolics, epoxies, polyesters, vinyl esters, rubber as well as many thermoplastic resins. S-2 Glass has tensile strength that exceeds that of standard-modulus carbon fiber as well as most grades of aramid fiber. Because S-2 Glass fiber has a high strain-to-failure of 5.7 percent (compared to aramid’s 2.8 percent and carbon’s 1.5 percent) it has an exceptional ability to withstand high impact events.

“With this significant increase in output, we are confident in AGY’s ability to stay ahead of the needs of the market for S-2 Glass reinforcements,” said Drew Walker, AGY President.

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