AWS Truewind Announces New Direction and Name


AWS Truewind LLC—an international leader in renewable energy consulting and information services—announces the official relaunch of the company as AWS Truepower, reflecting an expanded strategic focus on delivering a broader set of renewable energy development and operational solutions to its global customer base. In conjunction with the renaming of the company, AWS Truepower announced a suite of services aimed at helping solar project developers assess, streamline, and maximize the deployment and operations of solar energy systems.

“For nearly 25 years AWS Truewind has been a market leader in science and technology-based solutions that support the complete project lifecycle for renewable energy developers and industry stakeholders,” says Bruce Bailey, President and CEO. “This focus, including consulting on some of the Unites States’ earliest large-scale photovoltaic projects, has resulted in AWS Truewind becoming a well-known brand across markets and a 40 percent annual average growth rate. Our historical market emphasis on the wind energy industry was reflective of the maturity of wind technology from a utility-scale generation perspective. However, recently we have seen a rising demand from existing and potential customers for an expanded solar solutions set from AWS Truepower. We feel that the new brand, combined with key additions to our team in solar consulting, better reflects the strategic direction of AWS Truepower as we expand our renewable energy customer and solutions portfolio.”

AWS Truepower builds on more than two decades of providing renewable resource and energy assessment, engineering, and operational services to wind and solar project developers. Within its wide-ranging solution set to support the complete project lifecycle, AWS Truepower provides comprehensive assessments to help its customers meet the rigorous requirements of solar photovoltaic (PV) project financiers in a timely manner to prevent developers from missing out on beneficial market conditions such as advantageous pricing or policy environments. Furthermore, AWS Truepower delivers ongoing forecasting and operations services that help maximize system performance and better plan energy delivery. For more information visit