Axion Sells 100 Percent Recycled Heavy Construction Mats To North American Distributor Spartan Mat, LLC


Axion International Holdings, Inc., a leader in recycled plastic and plastic composite technologies announced that it has received a $150,000 purchase order for its 100 percent recycled Struxure heavy construction mats from Spartan Mat, LLC. The order consists of 7”x45”x16’ and 18’ & 20’ mats which will be distributed across the U.S. and Canada to midstream energy companies and civil contractors.

Axion’s mats were chosen because they are beneficial for temporary support surfaces under active heavy equipment with tracks/treads in wet conditions. Struxure mats have the ability to maintain structural integrity in wet conditions and are estimated to last five times longer than hardwood alternatives.

“The industry currently uses mixed hardwood mats, but the quality of these products is deteriorating and prices are rising with increasing activity across the construction industry,” said Axion’s EVP for building products Dave Crane. “Energy and civil construction projects are on the rise and we are at a trajectory of growth given the demand for more environmentally friendly solutions.”

Struxure heavy construction mats, which are produced from 100 percent recycled material, are engineered using a patented Recycled Structural Composite (RSC) formula making them extremely strong, durable and resistant to rot, fungus, insects, and moisture.