Capital Safety Introduces Fall Protection for the Wind Industry


DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, introduces a complete fall protection solution for the wind energy industry: the ExoFit™ Wind Energy Harness and Force2™ Wind Energy Lanyard. The products are uniquely designed for wind turbine construction, maintenance and inspection. With soft and lightweight, yet exceptionally durable materials, the ExoFit Wind Energy Harness maximizes worker comfort and productivity. The harness is constructed in the shape of an “x” for easy, no-tangle donning, and integrates a variety of premium features in both the standard model and a construction model.

Hardware on both the construction style and standard harness is PVC-coated to prevent scratches to the surface of the nacelle. Additional features of the ExoFit Wind Energy harnesses include built-in lanyard keepers to prevent the lanyard from snagging or creating a tripping hazard, quick-connect buckles, a front D-ring for climbing or controlled descent, side D-rings for positioning, and a dorsal D-ring for fall arrest. Suspension trauma straps are also included on each model. In case of a fall, the suspended worker would connect the straps and step into them to relieve pressure.

The Force2 Wind Energy Lanyard features specialized components ideal for wind turbine construction and maintenance. Atop the nacelle, workers must tie-off at their feet, as overhead anchorage points are not available. This requires a shock-absorbing lanyard capable of resisting 12-foot free falls. The Force2 meets this requirement for individuals weighing up to 310 pounds, and has been tested for six-foot free falls for individuals weighing up to 420 pounds. The twin legs of the Force2 Wind Energy Lanyard allow for 100 percent tie off, a critical safety feature for working at height. For more information call (800) 328-6146, (651) 388-8282, or go to