Catch the Wind is Now BlueScout Technologies


Catch the Wind Ltd., providers of predictive Optical Control Systems (OCS) for optimized wind energy generation, announces the complete rebrand of the company, now operating through its wholly-owned subsidiary (formerly Catch the Wind, Inc.) as BlueScout Technologies, Inc.

“Our name, BlueScout, is about the future,” said Jo S. Major, Ph.D, President and CEO of BlueScout Technologies, Inc. “Our passion is to use our technologies and skills to help our customers in the wind industry understand and manage their wind resource more effectively. We will use this rebranding to show our customers, investors and partners our commitment to helping turbines reliably produce cleaner, renewable energy. To us, the blue of the skies holds intelligence to be discovered and applied, and our passion for exploration is embodied within the concept of scouting what is ahead.” 

BlueScout reveals a new image, complete with a fresh logo, mission, vision, values, and domain name. The company’s optically based wind forecasting technology for control systems, the BlueScout OCS-210, is a next generation turbine control system for utility-scale wind turbines. From its position on top of the nacelle, it measures wind speed and direction in the approaching free-stream inflow and employs predictive control architectures to increase energy production and reduce harmful effects of wind turbulence on wind turbines. The optical wind sensor, BlueScout OWS-150, is a lightweight, portable, all-weather wind assessment tool that precisely measures wind speed and direction of vertical profiles above the ground or off shore water surface – reaching the full blade height of most utility scale wind turbines.

Major continued, “BlueScout aspires to develop a unique capability using an understanding of wind characteristics, gained through more than three years of controlling operational wind turbines, to fundamentally change the control philosophy of the wind industry. To realize these goals, we will consistently innovate in collaboration with our customers, always looking to push the envelope of thought leadership, and relentlessly work to use measurement data to dramatically improve reliable performance.”

In the coming days the company will provide an operational update – details to be announced separately. The company will continue to be traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) under the stock symbol “CTW” until such time as its trading symbol is changed to reflect this rebranding, which the company expects will occur later this month. In addition, at the company’s upcoming shareholders meeting the company will seek the approval of shareholders to change the name of the parent company’s name from “Catch the Wind Ltd.” to “BlueScout Technologies Ltd.” All prior trademarks of the company will no longer be used following this rebranding.

For more information, contact BlueScout Technologies at (703) 956-6554 ext 103 or email