Collier’s HyperSizer v6.2 Improves Design and Manufacturability of Composites and Metals


Collier Research Corporation today announced the release of HyperSizer®v6.2 structural sizing and analysis software. The latest version of the product, which is used widely in the spacecraft and aviation industries, includes new modeling capabilities for airframe wing box designs, and laminate zone and ply-count optimization enhancements to improve manufacturing efficiency.

New features and enhancements in HyperSizer v6.2 include:

• Discrete Stiffener Modeling – For airframe wing box and fuselage structures, the software automatically identifies in the FEM, skin shell and stiffener beam elements and optimizes their spacings, heights, and laminates. This provides the flexibility for designing panel bays with non-uniformly spaced stiffeners of varying directions, dimensions, and materials, while also assigning margins to each unique stiffener panel segment.

• Laminate Optimization for Manufacturability –An improved, six-step process optimizes laminates (transition zones, ply-count compatibility, ply drops/adds, global ply tracking) while balancing strength, stability, and manufacturability.  This leads to fabrication efficiencies and factory-floor cost-savings.

• Other enhancements – New puck composite failure analysis for both 2D and 3D fiber fracture; new curved (skin) local buckling analysis; upgraded compression and shear post buckling analyses; enhanced panel concepts (PRSEUS, reinforced core sandwich, and tapered tube beam); improved test data and other graphical displays and functions; and new methods documentation. 

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