DeTect Completes MERLIN Avian Radar System Installation at the C-Power Offshore Wind Farm in Belgium


The MERLIN Avian Radar System was purchased by the Management Unit of North Sea Mathematical Models (MUMM), a division of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS), and was delivered to Belgium in January 2011 to collect data on bird activity along the coast at Zebrugge.

MUMM studies the effects of offshore wind parks on all forms of sea life but of particular concern here were Terns nesting on the mainland and flying out to the shoals to feed. In March 2012 DeTect radar technicians transferred the MERLIN radar system from its mobile trailer to the C-Power platform.

“This is a very important and exciting project for DeTect” said Edward Zakrajsek, Manager of DeTect EU in London.  “DeTect technicians, headed by our Project Manager Andreas Smith, had to work quickly and accurately to reassemble the system onto the platform hours before it was transferred to a barge and towed out to sea.”  The wind park comprises 56 5-6 megawatt (MW) turbines that stand at 158 meters above sea level with rotor swept diameters of 63 to 64 meters. “These are some of the largest wind turbines in the world,” continued Mr. Zakrajsek, “and DeTect’s MERLIN avian radar technology is a key component for ensuring generation of environmentally-sound, clean, renewable energy.”

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