DEUS Rescue Achieves ISO 9001 Certification


DEUS Rescue has announced that it has become ISO 9001 certified for the manufacture, assembly and supply of fall protection equipment. The company has been registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard signifying that it has developed a quality management system (QMS) that focuses on continual improvement of customer satisfaction by delivering quality products.

DEUS Rescue’s QMS processes include areas such as purchasing, shipping and receiving, production, employee training, records control and more.

In addition, the company has direct control over third-party testing and certification of its products to industry standards such as NFPA, ANSI, CSA, EN and others.  More than a one-time achievement, a significant ongoing component of the DEUS Rescue QMS is to regularly monitor supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction by measuring a number of key objectives such as on-time deliveries and, most important, product conformance. Consistent with that is the company’s continuous commitment to maintaining and improving its quality standards.

“This is really about DEUS Rescue making a full-court commitment to readiness and quality for our customers,” said Shain Rae, president of DEUS Rescue. “Receiving our ISO certification is not only a statement about our having achieved the highest level of quality manufacturing today, but also our commitment to continuously raising our standards in every aspect of our business. This boldly states to our customers that when they deal with DEUS Rescue, they receive the highest assurance that we will do whatever it takes to deliver a quality experience—across the board—now and in the future.”

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