Eaton Introduces Compact Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker for Wind


With industry-leading environmentally friendly vacuum and solid insulation technology, Eaton’s new 38 kV VCP-Wind medium voltage circuit breaker is designed to help customers manage power reliably, efficiently, and safely. They are engineered for wind farm collector substations and feature a reduced footprint. Maintenance requirements are minimized with the use of enclosed long-life vacuum interrupters, and the component arrangements allow for easy access. VCP-Wind’s direct roll-in configuration simplifies handling and relocation of the breaker. Eaton’s VCP-Wind medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker is rated up to 38 kV, 2000A (without fan cooling) and 31.5 kA.

Eaton’s vacuum and solid insulation technology is free of SF6-gas that contributes significantly to the greenhouse effect and associated climate change. Through more than 80 years of innovation and experience, Eaton has developed environmentally friendly vacuum interrupters capable of reliably switching both normal load currents and high stress fault currents. In an effort to increase the dielectric strength of the circuit breaker, Eaton has also designed vacuum interrupters that are encapsulated in epoxy resin material. The VCP-Wind circuit breaker family utilizes this solid insulation technology that has been catering to a wide range of applications for years.

The VCP-Wind circuit breaker offers numerous safety features for maximum protection. Eaton’s extensive innovation and experience in the electrical industry deliver world-class product reliability and quality. Go online to