FEELER Bridge Mills for Large Components from Methods


Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative precision machine tools, has introduced high-performance FEELER FV-Series double column bridge mills featuring extensive design and engineering by Methods. FEELER bridge mills are designed to deliver unsurpassed performance and value and are backed by Methods’ application expertise, support, and extensive network of technology centers. “The main structural components of FEELER bridge mills are manufactured from heavily ribbed cast iron to ensure excellent surface finishes on large, complex parts,” says Paul Hurtig, FEELER product manager at Methods. “Examples of components include massive gearbox housings, nacelles on wind turbines and pumps, or valve housings for the oil and gas industry.”

FEELER bridge mills feature a stepped Y-Axis beam and weigh up to 82 tons, contributing significantly to rigidity. For maximum power and torque at low rpms they use a German ZF gearbox with a 1:4 gear ratio. Facilitating the production of large, high-quality components these bridge mills feature THK linear guideways on the X-axis, and Schneeberger roller linear guideways on the Y-Axis. X-axis travels range from 85” (2,160mm) to 284” (7,200mm), and Y-axis travels range from 55” (1,400mm) to 158” (4,000mm). The Z-axis uses boxway construction and travel is 35.4” (900mm) with 47.2” (1,200mm) of travel available as an option. The FV-Series includes 19 models available with either 40-taper 15,000 rpm, 30 HP spindles or 50-Taper 6,000 rpm, 35 HP spindles. Distance between columns ranges from 63” (1,600mm) to 138” (3,500mm). The standard automatic tool changer holds 32 tools. 60, 90 and 120 tool configurations are available as options. The FANUC18i-MB (B) with HPCC control is standard on the 40-taper FEELER bridge mills, and the 50-taper models use the FANUC 18i-MB (A) control.

FEELER machines are manufactured by Fair Friend Group (FFG). Established in 1979, FFG is one of the world’s largest machine tool builders and has major manufacturing operations in Taiwan, China, Japan, and the United States. FEELER is known for rigorous quality control and has invested significantly in highly advanced manufacturing equipment and research and development. Methods Machine Tools has been a leading supplier of precision machine tools, automation and accessories for over 50 years, providing extensive applications engineering support, installation, parts, service, and training through a network of large state-of-the-art technology centers and dealers throughout North America. For more information call (978) 443-5388, e-mail sales@methodsmachine.com, or visit online at www.methodsmachine.com.