Financiers Able to Invest EUR123 Billion ($165 Billion) in Offshore Wind


The offshore wind energy sector needs up to EUR123 billion ($165 billion) in investment between now and 2020 if it is to meet its target of 40GW of installed capacity, and the financial community is able to invest this amount, new research shows.

What’s blocking the investment is the uncertainty caused by changing regulatory frameworks, not least in the two largest markets, the UK and Germany, the independent survey of the financial community shows.

“By undermining investment stability, governments are putting green growth, jobs and a world-leading European industry at risk,” said CEO of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), Thomas Becker, at the report launch in Frankfurt at EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 on November 20.

“Stable national frameworks and a binding EU renewable energy target for 2030 will be a green light to investors and ensure the industry continues to flourish,” he added.

The report, ‘Where’s the money coming from? Financing offshore wind farms’ comes from EWEA with research from Ernst and Young.

The full report is available on