Finavera Renewables Signs Agreement for British Columbia Projects


Finavera Renewables, Inc., has signed a participation agreement with the McLeod Lake Indian Band for the Tumbler Ridge, Wildmare, Meikle, and Bullmoose Wind Energy Projects. The agreement was completed at a signing ceremony at the McLeod Lake Indian Band Annual General Assembly. The agreement sets out the guidelines for engagement between Finavera and the McLeod Lake Indian Band and represents a commitment by the parties to enter into discussions to develop further agreements.

“We support Finavera Renewables and others in the wind energy business as they represent the future for electric power generation. When done in a responsible way wind energy, unlike hydro dams, gives us power without destroying the land around us,” says Chief Derek Orr. “We are looking forward to being actively involved with Finavera Renewables.”

“I would like to thank Chief Derek Orr and the McLeod Lake Indian Band for their hospitality during their community’s Annual General Assembly,” says Finavera Renewables CEO Jason Bak. “The signing of this participation agreement illustrates our commitment to building a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with the McLeod Lake Indian Band.”

Under the terms of the agreement Finavera and the McLeod Lake Indian Band will address several key areas: training and employment opportunities, assessment of potential project impacts, and economic development opportunities. The agreement also sets out key principles that will guide future discussions between Finavera and the McLeod Lake Indian Band: respecting each other’s distinct identities, interests, and priorities while exploring common interests and opportunities, engagement, and consultation that are meaningful and results oriented, and a commitment to honest and open sharing of information and ideas and to joint problem solving.

McLeod Lake Indian Band has a membership of some 475 people and is part of the Tse’khene tribal group. The band owns several companies that are actively engaged in road and site construction, logging, and pipeline construction. The administrative center of the band is at McLeod Lake with a sub-office in Chetwynd, BC. For more information on Finavera Renewables contact Myke Clark, SVP Business Development, at (604) 288-9051 or Go online to