French Technical Center (CETIM) Centralizes Testing Services on LMS


One of France’s leading technical centers, CETIM, has recently acquired multiple LMS SCADAS Mobile Testing systems for NVH. With the new systems, CETIM engineers can efficiently perform numerous diverse measurement and analysis tasks ranging from in-vehicle measurements and vibration diagnosis to failure, vibro-acoustic and modal analysis.

“Our customer base covers all types of industries from defense and rail to marine and off-highway. We are definitely seeing a trend on forever more complex products and greater testing efficiency that require us to test with more data acquisition channels and perform more parallel measurements,” said Patrick Vincent, sales manager noise and vibration engineering department at CETIM. “Many of our customers are LMS users as well. Using exactly the same testing systems simplifies communication immensely.”

“With our robust LMS solution, we work with one centralized database. The team no longer wastes time looking for data or converting and transferring files. With a single testing platform, we also save time on training. Our team is ready to test in no time,” said Thomas Vervaeke, responsible for the LMS platform on the Noise and Vibration Engineering Department at CETIM.

A key asset for CETIM is flexibility. On average, a test set-up
requires 40 channels, but certain customers require more channels than others. To solve this, CETIM simply chains separate LMS systems together to reach the additional channel capacity and handle simultaneous test runs.

“Since we have very limited time to test our customers’ prototypes, we need to work as fast and efficiently as possible. We recently linked 3 LMS SCADAS Mobile systems into a 120-channel configuration. This way we could do on-site parallel data acquisition and collect as much data as possible for later processing at the CETIM facilities,” Vincent said. In addition, the team noted various other positives in regards to the LMS SCADAS, including robust design that can handle extreme temperatures and environments as well as the GPS tool to locate critical test points, especially during long distance rail and road tests.

“At CETIM, approximately 30% of our tests are done in tough environmental conditions or without good accessibility. This is why the Bluetooth feature for remote operation is essential as well. Clearly, the LMS SCADAS is a rugged solution that meets our extremely diverse needs,” Vervaeke said.

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