FusionDrive Factory Validation Complete


After eight months of testing and verification, FusionDrive®, the industry’s most advanced gear and generator combination is now a validated drivetrain. The smallest and most lightweight combo in the market has proven to reach 96.6 percent efficiency, leading to an excellent energy yield.

The gear and generator combination, in commercial production for DeWind, is a joint effort of Moventas and permanent magnet generator supplier The Switch.

FusionDrive enables higher drivetrain efficiency due to a better power curve and overall efficiency. It has a lower drive train mass and requires less material and its compact design allows lighter overall turbine layout.

Added to great serviceability and potential for up-tower repairs, which reduce maintenance and repair costs, all FusionDrive benefits help reduce the LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy) by a total of 6 percent comparing to a  3MW onshore turbine with conventional drivetrain concept.

FusionDrive with 3000kNm shaft torque carrying capacity has recently completed comprehensive factory verification process at the Moventas R&D center in Jyväskylä, Finland. FusionDrive’s overall efficiency exceeded all expectations; a 96.6 percent efficiency was reached already in 65 percent of the operation nominal.

The full load tests of the FusionDrive showed good dynamic behavior and an overall sound power level of < 96 dB(A) in all operation phases. The combo’s vibration tests also exceeded expectations
In addition to normal testing phases including component, climate chamber and load testing, the verification process was modified to verify also one of the design priorities—FusionDrive’s excellent serviceability that will revolutionize wind power maintenance costs. 

A complete FusionDrive service without an external crane is now proven to be possible. This significantly reduces maintenance and repair life cycle cost—according to Moventas’ calculations—by as much as 15 percent. Moventas specializes in challenging up-tower repair methods as well as preventive maintenance, the spearhead of which is the CMaS Condition Management System that overlooks turbines with as many as seven key parameters.

For more information, visit www.moventas.com, www.theswitch.com, and www.dewindco.com