Gexpro Convenes Energy Efficiency Summits


Gexpro is holding “Energy Summits” across the United States to educate electrical contractors, facility managers, commercial building owners, and government buyers on how best to achieve lower energy costs with green technologies. The sessions focus on the latest advancements in energy efficiencies, new green product solutions and services, and ways to benefit from the government stimulus plan (the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act), utility rebates, and state government programs. The Gexpro summits have been held so far in San Diego, upstate New York, and Atlanta, with plans for additional sessions in Dallas and Chicago.

The one-and-a-half day summits cover a wide range of topics: energy efficient lighting installations and retrofits, solar energy design and applications, ECM motors for commercial refrigeration and HVAC, and specific power quality solutions that can increase the performance, lifespan, and efficiency of all electrical products in a commercial or institutional application. Speakers come from both Gexpro and leading manufacturers, as well as other energy and environmental specialists.


Besides concentrating on product technologies and solutions, each summit includes vital information on maximizing the available benefits of the U.S. stimulus plan, explaining how the stimulus works, its funding requirements, and how Gexpro can act as a resource in helping attendees take advantage of the plan’s rebates and tax incentives.

“The Energy Summit is a natural outgrowth of Gexpro’s resource-rich experience in energy-efficient solutions and our dedication to comprehensive customer service in providing those solutions,” says Jeff Pecoroni, director if energy solutions. “These events are designed to inform participants in practical ways to reduce energy consumption and to educate them on the economic benefits of energy-saving solutions and their relationship to new government funding opportunities. The summits are unique in that they present a forum where contractors, facility managers, and building owners can dialogue with manufacturers and electrical suppliers on the synergies of green technology and economic incentives.” Learn more at