Greenbyte opens Chicago office, targets U.S. renewables


Greenbyte, a developer and enabler of smart data software to drive productivity in renewables, has significantly bolstered its presence in the United States with the opening of a new Chicago office.

The new location will serve as a regional hub for the nationwide rollout of the Greenbyte Energy Cloud, an open, versatile and user-friendly monitoring and asset management platform for renewable energy portfolio owners and Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

The Chicago office will establish a new center for sales, support, and customer success, ensuring that Greenbyte’s expanding pool of North American customers are served to the highest level by a U.S.-based team. This growing team has a wealth of renewables experience and will work with U.S. businesses to implement Greenbyte’s monitoring and asset management platform, which delivers proven productivity gains across multi-technology portfolios.

While digitalization has rapidly become a buzzword in the U.S. renewable energy industry, for many it remains an unrealized opportunity. Many digital data management platforms in use have been developed as bespoke solutions for individual projects or portfolios, are focused on a single technology, or have been designed to direct users toward particular hardware choices or specific engineering and consultancy services.

Ultimately, this narrows the opportunities available to asset and portfolio owners, rather than creating the flexibility they need to analyze, understand, and act on their performance data.

“North American portfolio owners too often find themselves using numerous different monitoring and asset management tools, across a wide range of generation types and technologies,” said Eric Bergman, senior account executive in Greenbyte’s U.S. team. “Not having a consolidated asset management platform for these diverse portfolios is both costly and inefficient to system owners and stakeholders and leads to a lack of transparency on fleet performance, which typically takes its toll as lost energy and revenue.”

“Strengthening Greenbyte’s U.S. presence supports our objective of bringing renewables stakeholders a single source of truth that broadens, rather than limits, their future choices,” he said.

Greenbyte Energy Cloud has been designed to provide asset managers and portfolio operators with a single, user-friendly point of access to data from a multitude of sources, from on-site resource measurements and SCADA to third-party data analytics services. It will enable U.S.-based customers to monitor and manage all renewable energy types, including storage assets.

Greenbyte’s system is already in use by a number of leading U.S. renewable energy businesses. These include Longroad Energy, a developer and operator managing a portfolio of 1.5 GW of operational wind and solar projects across the country, including more than 800 MW for third-party owners.

Longroad is using Energy Cloud as a versatile hub for all critical performance data, supporting asset management, operations and maintenance (O&M), and remote monitoring of this diverse asset base. In turn, Longroad uses these data to inform decisions that reduce costs, increase portfolio efficiency, and drive revenue.

“While many systems on the market prescribe certain portfolio-wide asset management approaches and decisions, Greenbyte Energy Cloud creates the flexibility and scalability we need to effectively manage our expanding wind and solar asset base,” said Jeremy Law, vice president of Asset Management at Longroad Energy. “Having used the system for nearly two years, we are starting to generate wide-ranging efficiency gains across our business that translate directly into increased performance and availability for our assets.”