H2Mare project aims to produce green hydrogen on industrial scale

Schematic representation of the production of green hydrogen within the flagship project H2Mare.

The H2Mare project aims to establish a new type of offshore wind turbine, one that integrates an electrolyzer for direct conversion of electricity to produce green hydrogen on an industrial scale.

This way, the self-sufficient units can save costs of connection to the grid, and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In a second phase, the green hydrogen can be converted into synthetic fuels and energy carriers.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the project. “We are bringing in our offshore wind and electrification capabilities as well as our expertise in electrolysis. H2Mare unites the strengths of research and industry – for sustainable decarbonization of the economy and to the benefit of the environment,” said Christian Bruch, Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Energy AG.

The project comprises four joint projects that are promoted independently of each other, with a total of 35 partners. Those projects are:

OffgridWind: A turbine concept that realizes electrolysis directly in the offshore wind turbine.

H2Wind: Aims to improve the maximum yield of wind energy, consisting of the development of a proton exchange membrane electrolysis system.

PtX-Wind: Focuses on converting to more easily transportable, synthetic energy carriers and fuels, such as methane, methanol, and ammonia. Direct saltwater electrolysis is also being tested.

TransferWind: Addresses transfer of knowledge to the public and exchange of expertise across multiple projects.

This will involve consideration of the entire value creation chain: from wind energy generation and hydrogen production to the conversion of hydrogen into methane, liquid hydrocarbons, methanol, or ammonia right up to use in industry or the energy sector. The goal is a significant cost advantage in the production of large volumes of hydrogen.

Siemens Energy is responsible for the coordination of H2Mare and is supported by institutes of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

MORE INFO  www.iwes.fraunhofer.de/en/press—media/wind-turbines-with-integrated-electrolyzer-demonstrate-sustainab.html