Hyundai Heavy Industries Installs 5.5 MW Prototype Offshore Wind Turbine—The Largest Ever Installed In South Korea


Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., the world’s biggest shipbuilder and a leading wind turbine supplier, has announced that it completed installation of a 5.5 MW offshore wind turbine prototype on Kimnyeong Wind Farm on Jeju Island, South Korea.

The offshore wind turbine, measuring 100-meter hub height and 140-meter rotor diameter, is the largest unit ever installed in South Korea. It can generate energy to power about 1,100 households a year. Hyundai Heavy will start a test run on the turbine from March for certification by UL/DEWI-OCC, an authentication institution within this year.

This offshore wind turbine prototype is designed to withstand the strong wind of 62.5 m/s, and to be protected from corrosion caused by the sea water.

“We not only plan to supply the three same size offshore wind turbines to the South-Western 2.5GW Offshore Wind Farm Project in Jeolla province, South Korea, but also to accelerate marketing campaign overseas including Asia and Europe on the basis of ample experiences and knowhow we have accumulated from a variety of offshore plant projects,” said an HHI official.

Hyundai Heavy has installed accumulated 100 MW of wind turbines in Korea and around the world to date.

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