Ice Sensor from New Avionics


The new Ice*Meister™ model 9734 industrial ice detecting sensor system offers many benefits to wind turbine owners and operators. Once “tuned” for the application at hand, the device operates as a digital ice/no-ice indicator. At maximum sensitivity it detects the incipient formation of any kind of ice, even the condensation from human breath, and also determines ice thickness. It detects and “stretches” raindrops for efficient control of irrigation sprinklers, and it detects the point at which rain has turned to ice. It is ideal for use in hazardous, remote, and/or unattended locations, also offering an optional de-ice heater for system reset.

The model 9734 precipitation sensor system runs on about a watt from virtually any available power source of any polarity—primary batteries, solar panels, six-volt motorcycle batteries, and even cell phone chargers, AC and DC alike. The three components of the Ice*Meister are the sensor head, the cable, and the interface board. Users provide raw input power and receive data output via indicator LEDs and isolating relay contacts, which helps to avoid system ground loops. The user interface board tunes the sensor head to specific applications, and various options are available for the sensor head and cable assembly. To learn more contact Richard Hackmeister at (954) 568-1991,, or