Ingeteam reaches 50 GW installed wind capacity milestone

The Ingeteam production facility in Spain. (Courtesy: Ingeteam)

Ingeteam, a global technology group specializing in electric power conversion, recently announced it commissioned 50 GW of electrical wind power conversion equipment to date, thanks to consistently strong sales of wind-power converters and wind-control cabinets.

Ingeteam entered the wind industry in 1995 while working on the development of variable-speed machines. It was the first manufacturer to launch DFIG converters in the market; 25 years later, this technology is still the gold standard in the industry, and with 50GW on the clock, Ingeteam’s position as the world supplier of wind-power converters in terms of installed capacity remains unchallenged.

“This steady performance is largely supported by our company’s long-term commitment to continuous innovation, backed by industry-leading R&D investment levels; 5 percent of the company’s turnover is re-invested in new product developments and over 400 employees work in R&D labs,” said Alberto Barcia, commercial director of Ingeteam’s Wind Business Unit.

“Our sales were also strengthened by timely investments in key emerging markets, notably Brazil and India,” he said. “We were able to establish our company as the leader in these two key wind markets, which have been key important engines of our growth ever since.”

In 2019, Ingeteam reported once again a healthy growth of its global wind business with 4GW delivered worldwide. The company offers a wide range of proven, in-house developed electrical equipment up to 15 MW for both onshore and offshore applications. Thanks to its localized and agile manufacturing strategy, Ingeteam can supply its customers flexibly from cutting-edge production facilities in Europe, Asia, and North and South America, and it can consistently meet the industry’s highest-level quality standards.

Earlier this year, Ingeteam launched its latest innovation, a new-generation of wind-power converters developed for high power DFIG application ranging from 6 to 8 MW. This new converter technology is grid-friendly and includes FRT, SCR, and SSR features. It complies with the most stringent grid codes, enabling it to be deployed anywhere in the world. In particular, they are the technology of choice for emerging markets in areas such as India or Brazil.

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