Innovative Lubrication Solution for Wind Power Applications from Klüber


Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, showcased three innovative, specialty lubricants for the wind power industry at WINDPOWER 2009: Klüberplex® BEM 41-141, Klüberplex® AG 11-462, and Klübersynth® GEM 4-320 N.

Klüberplex BEM 41-141 is high-performance grease with a special blend of base oil and additives to cover the different lubrication requirements of the individual bearing applications within wind power stations. The beige grease is ideal for pitch and yaw bearings (high stresses, oscillations, vibrations), main bearings (low rpm, high stresses, vibrations), and generator bearings (high rpm and temperatures). Klüberplex BEM 41-141 can be used in all bearing applications which allows consolidation of lubrication inventory.

Another unique product is the priming and operational lubricant, Klüberplex AG 11-462 an effective lubrication for open gears. Klüberplex AG 11-462 is esthetically neutral because it is white in color and provides excellent adhesion as well as superior protection against high loads and corrosion.

In addition to its grease products, Klübersynth GEM 4-320 N is outstanding, synthetic oil for enclosed gear drives subject to a wide range of service temperatures. Compared to standard oil, Klübersynth GEM 4 N shows excellent wear protection for gears and bearings, ageing and foaming resistance, cleanliness, and greater efficiency. Klüber’s “ADDED value” program has made it easy for manufacturers and operators to simplify their lubrication program. For more information please visit