International Wind Marketing Alliance Launched


A European marketing and public relations firm and two North American companies have formed the Wind Marketing Alliance to provide branding and marketing strategies and services that connect wind energy clients to new and established markets on both continents. The companies are Lorenz Kommunikation, Grevenbroich, Germany; Fredricks Communications, West Fargo, North Dakota; and Advertising Marketing in Fargo. They announced the formation of the global Wind Marketing Alliance during the HUSUM WindEnergy Trade Fair and Congress in Husum, Germany.

“The Wind Marketing Alliance brings a powerful combination of wind industry and international marketing experience to serving our clients,” says Klaus Lorenz. “With our combined expertise, we can help companies build and execute strategies that are aligned and effective in the international wind energy market.”

Independently, the Wind Marketing Alliance’s founding organizations have worked in the wind energy industry for nearly 20 years and have represented some of the best-known companies in the world. Their experience includes manufacturers of turbines, towers, internal systems, precision gears, and specialty tools; construction, installation, and maintenance contractors; heavy-haul providers; and industry consultants. Its members also have been public relations partners to HUSUM WindEnergy in Europe since 1998 and in North America since 2008.

“Companies in Europe are anxious to enter or increase their presence in the North American market, and many companies in North America are interested in becoming their suppliers or partners,” according to Martin Fredricks. “We are in an excellent position to help them grow and positively impact sales, either on one continent or both.”

Lorenz adds that, through its strong networks of industry professionals, consultants, developers and trade organization leaders, the Wind Marketing Alliance also can be a facilitator for companies seeking international technology- and resource-sharing collaborations. He also said the organization intends to expand with partners in Asia, Australia, and other parts of the world where there is wind energy development. For more information go to