James Fisher Renewables Launches Offshore Oil Change System Using Sage Oil Vac Technology


U.K. marine services provider James Fisher Renewables has launched an oil change system utilizing technology patented by Sage Oil Vac. The Ship-to-Turbine system is designed to improve speed and efficiency in offshore wind turbine gearbox oil changes.

The oil exchange pumping technology includes an on-board filtration system that filters new oil to ISO-approved levels. Fresh oil is also heated for easier flow during the exchange. Time savings are realized by vacuuming new oil directly from a bulk tote or barrel. The systems also allows for flush and/or rinse capabilities. Sage Oil Vac equipment sold in Europe features CE tanks for compliance with European Union safety and environmental requirements.

James Fisher Renewables launched the STT system in November, building on the successful use of the technology in onshore applications. A range of product variants were created specifically for offshore use. These variants were based on application-specific oil volumes, oil types, umbilical lengths and ease of mobilization, and protection from the marine environment.